CONFERENCE: Innovative structures for the sustainable development of mountainous areas


The Conference will take place in Greece (8-9 November 2002) with the intention

  • to compare the evolution, current situations and trends in selected mountainous areas;
  • to elaborate on i) new research fields and ii) policies that have the potential to positively contribute to the complex issue of mountainous sustainability (i.e. the simultaneous examination of social, economic and environmental dimensions within a holistic framework) with emphasis on institutional set-ups that is, innovative structures/mechanisms facilitating the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of local/ regional development;
  • to establish a dialogue and a network between researchers, policy makers and the Community as far as research and policy orientations are concerned.

The Conference will take place within the activities of the homonymous project (ISDEMA) co-financed by the EU.


The case of the mountainous areas is characteristic of areas facing multiple challenges (under the term 'marginalisation'); thus, there is a need for the elaboration of new strategies fostering a sustainable future (such as the creation of new employment opportunities, the utilisation of local resources, the tackling of rural exodus, ensuring the economic and social cohesion along with environmental protection etc.). The latter will have to be built on new/participatory mechanisms for collective actions and a knowledge society. It follows that organisational innovations and innovations in socio-economic patterns of co-operation along with new types of work and employment, responses to the increasing demand for services and the development of non-profit mutual supporting activities, will have to be sought after. Such issues will, in turn, have to become the focus of both research and policy making.

The themes of the Conference clearly imply trans- and multi-disciplinary approaches. Papers that will provide new insights/ frontiers in the complex issue of sustainability in mountainous areas, thus papers addressing current research and policy initiatives as well as future needs are welcome. Of special importance are papers relating to:

  • organisational innovations set up in order to face the challenge of complex and fragile environments including topics such as the 'civil society' and its support mechanisms; and
  • the design of a common European policy framework for mountainous areas taking into account the specific characteristics of mountainous areas (social, economic, environmental etc.) as well as the existing institutional and policy frameworks.


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