Evaluation of the employment effects of rural development (2004)

under the regulation 1257/99 in comparison with CAPcompensatory allowances and premiums

During the last decades the employment aspect of agricultural policy was a non-issue. All efforts were made to increase the quantitative output of foodstuff. The post-war period has been characterised by rapid industrialisation and modernisation of the sector in general and farm holdings in particular. These developments have been accompanied by a substantial loss of labour force in agriculture, which resulted in a sharp decrease of agricultural employment. In the past 25 years the European farm labour has fallen from 13 million to just 7 million. It is hard to justify spending half the EU budget on CAP, when less than 5 per cent of the workforce is employed in agriculture.


Tamme, Oliver (2004): Evaluation of the employment effects of the Rural Development under the regulation 1257/99 in Austria and in other EU-Member States. Paper at the 87th EAAE seminar "Assessing rural development policies of the CAP, 21.-23.4.2004. Wien. 16 Seiten.


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