LEADER Case study Vorarlberg (Austria) (2004)

“Nature and Life in Bregenzerwald” – LEADER II

Bregenzerwald is a region in the federal province “Vorarlberg” of the Western part of Austria. It consists of 24 communities with about 30.000 inhabitants. All villages are situated in the mountain area between 600 and 1500 meter sea level. The economy of Bregenzerwald is based on agriculture, trade and tourism. The agricultural enterprises are predominantly small scaled and specialise in cattle, dairy farming and production of cheese. Alpine farming is one of the specific features of the area and a traditional way of farming is central for the preservation of the uniqueness of the natural and cultural landscape. In 1995 with Austria’s EU entry the prices for cheese fell significantly and caused serious harm to the long-standing tradition of cheese production.


Machold, Ingrid (2004): LEADER - Case study Vorarlberg (Austria). Juli 2004. ESPON project 2.1.3. Wien. 12 Seiten. (



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