Biodiversity, Landscape and Ecosystem Service of Agriculture

and Forestry in the austrian alpine region - an approach to economic

This report was contributed as a national case study to an OECD project on the Applied Evaluation of Biodiversity, being carried out by the Working Group on the Economic Aspects of Biodiversity. It does not necessarily reflect the views of individual OECD Member countries or of the OECD Secretariat. It is published under the responsibility of the Secretary General.

This study describes the biological resources of Austria’s Alpine and mountain regions and the main forces of change contributing to the loss of biodiversity. These forces emanate chiefly from intensive residential development, globalisation of agricultural and forestry markets, increased economic activity in the Alpine valleys, and growing traffic density. An additional influence is the intensive tourist use of many Alpine regions. Previous indirect approaches to the valuation of biodiversity in Austria have been discussed on the basis of the present analysis.


Hoppichler, Josef, et al. (2002): Biodiversity, landscapes and ecosystem services of agriculture and forestry in the Austrian alpine region - An approach to economic (e)valuation. OECD-Case Study for the Working Group on Economic Aspects of Biodiversity, OECD-Document: ENV/EPOC/GEEI/BIO(2001)4/FINAL. Wien-Paris.


BF76/99, BF80/00, BF96/04