GMO-free areas, nature conservation and organic farming

results of a survey of experts' opinion

The paper describes results of a survey among persons in administration and politics in Austria, who are confronted professionally with problems and possible environmental effects of releases of GMOs (experts in a broader sense). They were in majority of the opinion that the relationship between protected areas and the application of genetic engineering in agriculture needs to be clarified. They see great deficits in relation to the needs of organic farming and in GMO-free on-farm management of Plant Genetic Resources and prefer a concept of defining "large, GMO-free ecologically sensitive areas". As a result of this survey the paper provides some perspectives concerning GMO-free areas and reflects on the problem of thresholds and liability for GMO-pollution.


Hoppichler, Josef (2003): GMO-free Areas, Nature Conservation and Organic Farming - Results of a Survey of Expert's Opinion. Proceedings of the "1st European Conference on the Co-existence of Genetically Modified Crops with Conventional and Organic Crops, November 2003, Helsingör, Dänemark. (



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